Chain-link Fencing Wire Mesh

Chain link fence is a great product because it is durable, long lasting, and very affordable. Chain link fence can be used in most residential, commercial, industrial and security applications, and of course as pet and perimeter fence. Chain Link has been the most popular fence style for years due to its great versatility and value.

Quality of our chain link mesh :

  • The use of pure virgin PVC raw materials makes the fence more rust-proof, durable, non-fading, and non-cracking in the outdoors
  • High tensile galvanized steel core wire makes the fence more stronger and less deformable
  • Easier to open without and loosing and hooking problems to satify customers and end users.



  • Electro galvanized core wire with Eco PVC coated outside
  • Hot dip galvanized core wire with Eco PVC coated outside
  • Pre-hot dip galvanised wire weaving 
  • Pre-heavy galvanised wire weaving
  • Pre-Galfan coated galvanised wire weaving 



  • Mesh size: 50mmx50mm as a standard; 60mm x 60mm as budget, but small meshs are avilable for customers, also.
  • Wire thickness: 1.70/2.50mm,  2.20/3.10mm, 2.50/3.40mm
  • Roll wide: avilable from 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm up to 3600mm
  • Roll length: avilable from 10meter, 15meter and 25meters

To meet customers request, we also supply the following high quality accessories for chain link fencing installation:
• Round poles 
• Line & binding wires
• Wire tensioners
• Tension rod
• Top rails
• Bent arms
• Barbed wires